In 2009, The Fro ranked as number 5 in the country of US AIR GUITAR's national championships. He also published a graphic novel, available with Arcana comics..

The Fro performed for years across the country in DC, Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee, Vegas, Atlanta, Ashville, and others. He shared the stage with Hot Lixx Hulahan, Bjorn Turoque, Mean Meline, Lt. Facemelter, Airisol, Derek Not-so-Smalls, Magic Cyclops, McNallica, Ricky Stinkfingers, Rockness Monster, Romeo Dance Cheetah, The Shred, William Ocean, and countless more USAG geniuses. He retired a few years ago, his last performance being in Las Vegas. Check his performances out on YouTube.

The Fro's website was recently hacked, and malware was installed on it. It's been shut down temporarily. Send any questions to info[REPLACEWITHAT] Copies of the comic are still available for purchase. And The Fro's alter ego is driving a KICKSTARTER campaign during September 2014 for a storytelling robot to teach children age 2-7 about science and technology.

Thank you,
Chris Harden
A Son of Air Guitar